If you can’t find the answer you are looking for in the FAQs below, contact us by phone or email and we will be only too glad to give you the additional information you need. One of our team members will provide all the answers you need in your native language.

How can I contact you to book a place at the Centre?“

All the essential contact details (email address and phone numbers) can be found on theContact Us page. You can also fill out the form there and one of our team members will get back to you soon with all the answers you need in your native language.

How can I make a booking at your Centre?“

Just fill out the online form providing the basic information requested.

How long before treatment should I send all my documentation?“

It’s a good idea if all the essential medical information (doctors’ opinions, tests, haemodialysis regimen) has arrived by email or fax one week before the first session. Once we’ve confirmed that the information has been received by us, we can finalise your booking, even if it is just one day before the first haemodialysis session. In all events, the Centre will do its utmost to cater for you and offer the desired slot.

What essential medical information do I need to send?“

  • A doctor’s opinion relating to the haemodialysis procedures you have undergone in your homeland as well as your medical records.
  • Your latest blood test results (especially for hepatitis markers).
  • A doctor’s opinion about your general state of health, the medicines you are taking during your course of treatment and at home, and any other medical information we need to know about.

What options are there for combining holidays with haemodialysis?“

Basically you have 2 options:
The first is for you to arrange holidays on your own or with your travel agent’s assistance. In that case, our Centre will only be paid for the haemodialysis sessions.
The second option (which we recommend even for short breaks) is to use the services we offer, bundled with special holiday plans (tours – excursions in the nearby area in a special minibus) offered by travel agencies in the local area. In that case too, our Centre will only be paid for the haemodialysis sessions.
Our secretariat can provide all the information you might need about these customised holiday plans, that will allow you to better utilise your time while also undergoing haemodialysis sessions.

Can Meteora NEPHROLIFE also help book airline and other tickets, as well as hotels?“

Such bookings should be made via your travel agent or specialist websites offered by travel companies. However, we can give you any information you need about accommodation in the local area, prices and companies that offer special tours, tailored to suit the time you have available.

Can scheduled sessions be changed?“

We will do whatever we can to assist you if you need to change any scheduled session, so as to enable you to utilise your free time to the fullest.

How are the costs of haemodialysis covered?“

Generally speaking, haemodialysis is covered by all social security providers. For more information, please contact the company. You can also pay for haemodialysis directly in cash or with Visa.

What specialisations are available at the Centre?“

In addition to its specialist medical and nursing staff (nephrologists and nurses with experience in haemodialysis), Meteora NEPHROLIFE also enjoys the round-the-clock support of a team of cardiologists and pathologists, a pulmonologist, a microbiologist and a radiologist, plus the Centre also has access to the services of the Euromedica Diagnostic Centre..
Moreover, Meteora NEPHROLIFE is affiliated with the General Hospital of Trikala. Arrangements are in place for 24-hour patient care if needed. We have a specially equipped ambulance for this purpose.
Once you arrive at the Centre, you’ll be given a list of phone numbers with the names of everyone involved in your treatment to ensure you enjoy a safe and comfortable stay.

Can my companion accompany me during sessions?“

For health and safety reasons, companions need to stay in the pleasant surroundings of our waiting room or in the canteen. Entry is only permitted in cases where the patient is fully reliant on the companion. Other companions can visit for a few short minutes since we understand how important it is for them to be close to those receiving treatment.

Can my companion stay with me during my session?“

For health and safety reasons, and to ensure a calm, trouble-free haemodialysis session for both patients and staff of our Centre, we would ask that patients’ companions remain in the Centre’s waiting areas, which have been specially designed for them to offer comfortable, relaxing surroundings during their time at our Centre. Companions are only allowed to be in the haemodialysis room if the patient is utterly reliant on the companion during the session. Having said that, we do allow a short visit because we understand that families need to make sure that their relatives are completely fine.

What repercussions are there if sessions are cancelled?“

There are no repercussions provided that you notify us about the cancellation as soon as possible.

What amenities are available during treatment?“

  • A light meal during haemodialysis
  • A full nutritional meal for take away offered to patients after the end of treatment
  • High speed wireless internet connection (Wi-Fi)
  • Ample, spacious car park for cars and coaches
  • 9-seater vehicle for transfers to/from the Centre
  • Canteen for patients and their companions
  • Comfortable, luxurious waiting room for companions
  • A dedicated TV with a selection of channels, plus your very own earphones
  • Phone line
  • Ambulance offering 24-hour coverage to meet patients’ needs