Meteora Nephrolife

About us…

The Meteora NEPHROLIFE Centre was founded in 2015 in the Trikala Regional Unit and its aim is:

  • To meet the needs of haemodialysis patients in a contemporary, quality and safe way, in lovely, pleasant and comfortable surroundings with a view of the Meteora rocks.
  • To welcome patients from all over the world who, in conjunction with their treatment, would like to visit the religious community of Meteora’s monasteries, that unparalleled geological phenomenon which leaves visitors speechless. Since 1989, it has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List as a monument of particular cultural and natural importance.
  • To enable patients to visit areas of outstanding natural beauty as they engage in medical tourism, since 50% of the territory of the Trikala Regional Unit lies within a protected NATURA zone.

Meteora NEPHROLIFE operates in the shadow of the Meteora “forest of rocks” at the 7th km of the Trikala-Kalabaka National Road, in cutting-edge facilities certified in accordance with European standards (ISO 9001:2008), and is staffed by experienced medical and nursing personnel, directed by nephrologist Dr. Nikolaos Tsianas who served for a number of years as Director of the Artificial Kidney Unit at the General Hospital of Trikala.

The Centre is equipped with cutting-edge medical technology and utilises 22 latest generation NIKΚISO DBB 07 haemodialysis machines which allow for online haemodialysis.

Meteora NEPHROLIFE has a partnership arrangement with the General Hospital of Trikala and can cater for patients’ needs round the clock thanks to its well-equipped ambulance and full complement of medical and nursing staff (nephrologists and nurses).

Our medical staff are also assisted by a team of cardiologists and pathologists, a pulmonologist, a microbiologist and a radiologist, plus the Centre also has access to the services of the Euromedica Diagnostic Centre.